WATCH: The Biden Crime Family

Alleged Photos of Hunter Disrobing and In Bed with Minor Suggest Joe Biden is Lying   Hunter Biden Audio Confesses Partnership With China ‘Spy Chief’… Joe Biden Named as Criminal Case Witness BREAKING: New audio of Hunter Biden talking about his partner “the f**king spy chief of China” “I’m receiving calls from … Read more

For Catholics, There’s Only One Choice

As the grandson of immigrants, I was raised to think that to be Catholic automatically meant being a Democrat; after all, it was the Democratic Party that had been so involved in assisting the newly-arrived with possibilities for financial security and upward mobility. The first presidential election in which I could vote (as a seminarian … Read more

Joe Biden’s 800-Pound Gorilla

We’ve been hearing a great deal of noise lately from Democrat politicians about Judge Amy Coney Barret, in whose dark soul they are horrified to find that “the dogma lives loudly…” So intolerable is the threat she poses, they tell us, that in thwarting her nomination to the Supreme Court they are engaged in the … Read more

America’s Last Chance?

On election day, you will have to make a choice between two political parties and two presidential candidates. Several days later you will in all probability have to make another choice. In the case of a closely contested election, whose side will you take? No matter who wins, the losing side will very likely charge … Read more

40 Million Christians Who Typically Sit-Out Elections Need to VOTE This Year

Every American who doesn’t want to see our beloved nation transformed into a godless, socialist, “workers’ paradise” must vote to stop the threat of the systemic Marxism that has infected our society through the efforts of today’s Democratic Party. Sadly, about 40 million Christians don’t take this threat seriously enough to even vote (15 million Christians not registered; … Read more

WATCH: Who Might Be Next Under A Biden-Harris Administration?

  Biden-Harris is the most pro-abortion presidential ticket in U.S. history. Is it not conceivable that an administration that advocates for taking life at the youngest stage would not be willing to take life at any age?   WATCH Additional Recommended Videos.  

WATCH: Fr. Altman on the Upcoming Election

  Father James Altman returns in Part IV for a special message before Catholics & Christians vote November 3rd, names 3 intrinsic evils of one party’s platform, and explains why a vote for Biden… is a vote for the Godless. Click here for a version without background music.   WATCH Additional Recommended Videos.  

10 Factual Examples of Joe Biden’s History of Racially Charged Conduct and Comments

As recently as June of 2019, Biden praised the “civility” of the segregationist senators he worked with in Congress to pass anti-busing legislation. Biden praised the notorious segregationist politician George Wallace, boasted about how Wallace once honored him with an award in 1973, and told a Southern audience in 1987 that “we [Delawareans] were on … Read more

Defending Life is not “Imposing” Religion

Mario Cuomo: The Myth and the Man by George Marlin is an important contribution to our better comprehension of a shameful fact in American political life: a significant percentage of the politicians who are the fiercest proponents of the continuing legalization of abortion on demand are baptized, even Mass-going Catholics, who often make a point … Read more

WATCH: Is This Who You Want To Potentially Become President?

  Is Joe Biden is elected President of the United States, Kamala Harris would be a heartbeat away from becoming President. Given Biden’s frail health, this is real possibility. Is Kamala Harris really the type of person you would want to see become President of the United States?

CATHOLICS: Get Out And Vote To End Abortion

The best option is to vote in-person if you are able to ensure your ballot does not ‘get lost in the mail.’ Early voting is available in many states.  Find your polling location here.  

Kamala Harris And Her Pro-Abortion Donor Base

Sen. Kamala Harris’ 2016 U.S. Senate campaign was supported by several large donors who were executives at pro-abortion groups. Harris went on to repeatedly grill judicial nominees on abortion while in the Senate. Harris is considered a champion of the abortion industry. When the Biden campaign announced her inclusion on the ticket in August, Planned … Read more

WATCH: Biden Supports 8-Year-Olds Being Able to Change Their Gender

  During a Townhall meeting on October 15, Joe Biden was asked about an 8-year-old transgender child. Biden said he supports prepubescent children being able to change their gender. Biden’s position is completely contrary to the teachings of the Catholic Church. Biden cannot claim that he is a faithful Catholic. continue reading   RECOMMENDATION: WATCH … Read more

WATCH: Emails Reveal Joe Biden Lied About Son’s Burisma Dealings

Watch the latest video at As Ricky Ricardo might say, “Joe Biden, you’ve got some s’plainin’ to do.” As does Facebook. And Twitter. Biden has to explain why emails released today indicate he met with a Burisma executive, thanks to his son, who sat on the board of the corrupt Ukraine energy giant. Biden … Read more